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Defining Figurativism in Today's Era

An old art movement with a new twist.

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (The Brothel of Avignon) Piccasso, Ancient Egypt paintings, Giotto's The Lamentation, Judgement of Paris Peter Paul Rubens, Ballet Rehearsal Edgar Degas, Bather Paul Cézanne, Dempsey and Firpo George Bellows, Blue Nude Henry Matisse, Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci.

All of these old masters have one thing in common. Did you figure it out already? All of their masterpiece are representational, a movement in the arts which is called figurativism or figurative art.

Since the birth of Art, representational art has vastly evolved and until now in the year of 2012 the 21st century world artists of the Global Artist Circle group continuously expressing their thoughts and creativity through this movement in the arts.

Mosaic by Phillips McLean
Manilyn. Phillips McLean original mosaic piece of Manilyn Monroe, a Hollywood icon. With Phillips creativity, he meticulously reinvented this figure with splash of light and bold colors. 

Blue Atmosphere Series
26 x 36 cm Gouache
Hormone Sekine

Blue Atmosphere, a series of 202 pieces of paintings.  According to the Hormone Sekine, Japan artist, this represents the numbers of nations in the world during and after the war of which is derived from Hormone's personal exhibition entitled "After 311, After Nuclear" at Yoshio Nakajima Museum (Japan) and Gustavsbergs Konsthall (Sweden) on September 3 - 25, 2011.

Acrylic on Canvas
115 x 75 cm
Camille A. Jansßen.
Amalia. "Created with great enthusiasm, one of my last three paintings in 2011," according to Camille A. Jansßen from Malta, an AV media producer turned out artist now doing his true passion in portraiture and figures. Amalia was created from the artist's own studio before the year ended which is on sale.  A lucid subtle effect of the monochromatic hues revealed the figure's true expression.
Hero of War
Shwan Kamal

Hero of War. One of the series of mini sculptures by an Iraq professor sculpture artist Shwan Kamal which is a cast bronze sculpture of a man in bold figure full of grace and movement.
Untitled. While scrutinizing through Darryn James Rae figurative representations this piece is one of a kind masterpiece by Darryn, an English artist from London. Some of his great works can be found at Raeart.

Reaching Out
Digital Art
Jim Douglas
Reaching Out. A digital art by Jim Douglas from Glasgow, United Kingdom. A basic linear form in red hues of color in contrast of black in which completed this digital masterpiece which easily visually inspiring to catch one's sight on a representational figure.

My Mother
16 x 20 inch Acrylic
Jose T. Jimenez
My Mother. Jose T. Jimenez from the Philippines mastery of his realistic craft in acrylic justify this figure's self-expression of love and compassion.

In certain point in time, there will always come a time in the path of an artist's endeavors in pursuit of self-expression and fame that figurativism has never been disregarded and will remain as ultimate identification of a true master in the arts of today.