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Faces of a Portrait

Defining a Portrait of Today's World Artists.

An intent to display a person's expression, mood and likeness in which the expression and face is predominant of which an artistic representation of a person is created which is a portrait. Artists of today revolutionized portrait to attests their own self-expression.

21 x 29.7 cm
Computer Graphics 2004

紫雷 (Zilei)

The Look. Dissecting through the artists of today, the predominant looking of the figure to the artist has now become a self-expression of the figure with a computer graphic media used.

Paris Hilton
Digital Art
Marjo Luable
Explore and Create. In order to exercise self-expression artists of today explore certain new media and create art work using a photo of an actor or actress like Paris Hilton.

Mick Jagger
photo manipulation
Rodney Pike
Experiment. Exaggerating, manipulating, and attention to detail are the key elements on Rodney Pike caricature-like art.

oil on canvas
Toby Brown
A Different View. Toby Brown "The Raw Artist" refractive artistic style in portraiture bring life to this portrait. His lazy eye depicts more emotion that the other eye which is very event on this photo.

The Pasta of Mona Lisa
oil on canvas
120 x 100
Edina Sikora
Recreate. To in-live, to feel, and express the old master's portrait Edina decided to give this piece of art an experimental twist.


Rodney Pike said...

That's Mick Jagger, Not Steven Tyler