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Making a Mark in 2011

The end that was just a beginning.

oil pastel
Pa Ul
The year 2011 marked the beginning and creation of Global Artist Circle of which its history can be read here at Global Artist Circle History. This group is a masterpiece of art constantly evolving and changing through time on the web. Highlights of 2011 which made a mark a difference on this group are enlisted.

  • An Accident. Clashing through a certain period in time while socializing in Facebook Pa Ul fell into an accident by clicking his laptop's mouse of which eventually lead into the formation of this group.

  • Sociable Facebook. Facebook became the web's top social site to interact, make friends, etc. Through Facebook Groups, this group embraced its true global identity of which comprises various artists around the world.

  • Blogs. In pursuit to reach out and unify other artists outside this social network on the web, Artekoto and My Art and Profile which are free blogger sites were created. Now on this date December 2011, was created which is said to be a website that will unify all the artists worldwide.

  • Barriers and Obstacles. Since only a person manages to the group's blogger sites, FB group, and soon to be website a lots of circumstances mostly are related to time management and language barriers.

The beginning that was which was full of hope, expectations, and creativity. As we embrace this new year 2012, this creativity that was given to us as gifts will hopefully continues to linger in order to inspire people on the web worldwide.