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Artist's New Year's Resolution

A sample list to embrace the new year.

Change is constant and inevitable, a few days from now will be welcoming a wonderful creative year of 2012. What important is now, what we do now will affect our future and so a creative person like us must adjust through the changes as time goes by and commit to certain resolutions that are essential and will help guide our creativity in time.
  • I will start a healthy eating habit and exercise regularly. I will eat nutritious food that will help boost my creativity such as fruits, vegetables, fish, legumes, etc. I will spare at least 30 minutes a day to exercise to keep my body in good shape. Also I will keep away from smoking and drinking that may affect my well being.
  • I will keep a pencil and sketchpad or paper in handy always in order for me to create a thumbnail input of ideas from time to time that pops into my mind.
  • Since I am a creator, I will help create masterpiece of art that will promote love, peace, and humanity.
  • If a friend would like to purchase my art work, I would gently imply to buy it to help sustain creative materials that I use in my art.
  • I will continue on searching my own artistic identify so that people will recognize me and my art.
  • I will engage a time to create an art at least 30 minutes day.
  • I will continue to socialize, share, inspire and mingle with other creative artists on this group's website and social network site.