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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Join Global Artist Circle

oil pastel on paper
Pa Ul
Join to have fun, interact, make friends.
  • BEST. The Global Artist Circle group is considered one of the best emerging art group of the 21st century today of which started and pioneered by a young artist Pa Ul. It is compose of various visual artists around the globe socializing, sharing, promoting, inspiring, and interacting as one through the internet.

  • GLOBAL. From the seven continents of the world, the Global Artist Circle is united as one with One Heart...One Passion in the arts.

  • UNIQUE. As an artist's original masterpiece, the Global Artist Circle will be a global entity of today's virtual art movement of the 21st century art.

  • FREE. It is a nonprofit art group in which globally embraces unity, equality, and freedom to express art with a lesser focus on profit-gaining campaign in the arts.

  • HOME. It will be a home ground for emerging and/or professional artists of the world.

So what are you waiting for join us now!!!