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5 Easy Steps on How to Market an Artist Online

Adriano Figueredo Ferreira
An easy simple strategic guide on how to begin your art online marketing.

Starting your own art business or just want to be known as an artist on the internet will require time, focus, motivation, patience, sincerity, love and devotion. Here are some helpful first steps which will guide you on your way as an artist online.

Prepare and Organize. Prepare jpeg photo shots of your art works by either using a digital camera or with the aid of a professional photographer and also a photo of yourself. Write down and save an MS Word Document format of your own artist's CV or biography. Read some articles online on what is in and out on the online art market today via the internet.

Create your own website for free.  If you are on a tight budget create your own free website like in Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress, etc. which is easy to do, create, and design. Ask help from a web designer for assistance or guidance on this.

YouTube. Create a demo, tips, guides about art on your personal video camcorder then edit and post to you YouTube, your website, and other social media.

Befriend. Join, interact, and socialize with fellow artists such as this group Global Artist Circle, in Facebook, Twitter, or free art galleries and websites. Be inspired and learn from other artists motivations, suggestions and insights.

Time. A very essential key to success online as an emerging artist. You need to give valuable time on yourself, on your art creation, and on your art online activities.


Wurzerl said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I 'm also painting Chinese Painting and you 're right, it 's a time on yourself it 's good for your soul and good for your personality.
Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment

The Artist In Me said...

Thank you so much for your comment!
I look forward to staying connected!

The Artist In Me!

Jolly Princess said...

Very true. Internet is so powerful. One could even find a husband or wife online. :)

Great blog!

Judy said...

Great blog! And thanks for stopping my mine :)